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Introducing SNACKBOX Mini Games. A series of small, lightweight, quickfire mini games coming to Kickstarter. Designed to be played in around 10 minutes (or so); fast, fun, and competitive with differing levels of strategy and luck for 1,2,3, or 4 players, ages 8 years and up. Each game has its own theme, mechanics, graphics, and tasty game pieces.


Collection One includes:

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IRUKANDJI : A swimmingly game of tile laying and tile playing. Swim hard, use the conditions, and look out for the irukandji.

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SKATE PARK : A flipping good game of trick making and tile taking. Lay down your moves, land well, and dominate the competition.  

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CHIMICHANGAS AND TACOS : Mmmmmmmmm tacos, yes please! A tasty game of chip grabbing, ingredient stacking, spicy food making magic. 

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SLINGSHOT : The supersonic dice chucking game of planet hopping rocket racing. Match the orbits, spend your bounty, and slingshot to victory. 

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