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A series of quickfire small box games, designed to be played in around 10 minutes (or so). Fun, fast and competitive with differing levels of strategy + luck, for 1,2,3, or 4 players, 8yo and up.

Little, lightweight, and packed with tasty stuff. Games that are easy to pickup, simple to learn, and quick to play. Small in size, and full of flavour.

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A swimmingly game of tile laying and tile playing. Swim hard, use the conditions, and look out for the Irukandji

Get 8 Ocean Tiles and a Reference Card

Take turns setting out lanes and rows

The first player picks a lane

Reveal, resolve and play tiles as you head to The Beach 

Score the swim once all swimmers reach The Beach

The first player to +2 points wins!

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A flipping good game of trick making and tile taking. Lay down your moves, land well, and dominate the competition

Lay out the Obstacle Tiles
Pick your Obstacle and lay down your Trick
Execute the Trick by creating a match
Land a 'rad' Trick, or hit the concrete
The highest scoring Trick wins the Obstacle

Get the most Obstacles to win the game!

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Skate Park Play Black.jpg
Chimichangas Play Black.jpg

Mmmmmmmmm tacos, yes please! A tasty game of chip grabbing, ingredient stacking, spicy food making magic

Create a pile of Chips, face down
Draw 2 ingredients, then put 1 back
Use your Recipes as reference
Build meals with the ingredients
Use your Condiments when you need help
The highest score at the end of the round wins a Taco Token

Get 2 Tacos to win the game!

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The supersonic dice chucking game of planet hopping rocket racing. Match the orbits, spend your bounty, and slingshot to victory

Lay out the Planets
Pick a Character and Rocket
To race, use the Dice to match the Flight Sequence required
You have 3 rolls per turn/set to advance
Collect Crystals as you go
Look out for Asteroids if they are being played

Be the first to pass the last Planet to win!

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